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Spirit Communication ~  Do you have "ghosts"? 

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Past Lives ~ Discover their effect on Current Relationships, Wealth, Fears, Karma, & Attitudes

Medical Intuitive and Healing Channel ~ Medical Intuitive & Reiki Master

Dream Interpretation   ~ ~ ~     Symbol Interpretation

Kim is a clairvoyant and highly empathic intuitive counselor and healer.  She is able to perceive your life scripts and passions.  She's also able to perceive illusions of blocks & challenges:  identify erroneous belief systems (dysfunctional information on those "old tapes", as well as information we've misunderstood, mistranslated, or mis-stored in our own personal archives), as well as past lives that are limiting your ability to express your Divine Plan and live your dreams. 

Kim and The Guides will give you information & techniques so you can clear your blocks, balance your energy centers and connect with your Higher, Magnificent Self, and your own intuition.

Kim & The Guides will give you insight which  allows you to  shift and clear energetic patterns and illusions which  no longer serve you, so you can get on with clearly co-creating your dreams into Reality, accepting your creations, and living the Life you've envisioned for this Lifetime.
Most people feel renewed, rejuvenated, reinvigorated with balance, hope, and intent - in other words, Empowered and in balance with their Authentic Self.  Kim's greatest desire is for people to recognize, and live, their personal version of Magnificent Self! 

Out of courtesy to clients & Spirit, I do not interrupt Readings.  Because I don’t answer phones while doing a reading, I most likely cannot answer your call, so making an appointment on-line is often the fastest, most efficient way. If you don’t fancy that, just leave me a message  and I will get back to you. 
Thank you for understanding ~ Bless ~Kim Kristiansson's Whispers in the Winds 

If you'd like to make an appointment, follow the information below:

This is a 2-step process to schedule a Session:                                                                                                               

      1.  Scheduling:
  Please make sure you click "Confirm" at the very bottom of the scheduling page.  

      2.  Payment:  Go to PayPal.com  to russ_from_the_train@hotmail.com  (all "underscores", no "hyphens")                  
           -  for Kim Kristiansson  (this is my brother's account, while I deal with my own account's "issues"),

           or you can use mine, Kim@WhispersInTheWinds.com, if that is more comfortable.

       Credit Cards are only accepted through PayPal.

~ Or ~

      send a Check / Money Order made out to Kim Kristiansson, P.O. Box 258, Livermore, CA 94551-0258

* The Session is discounted due to the possibility of having to postpone you due to Chronic Migraine:

I LOVE to do Readings and see where you & your Guides take us!  I would prefer to do many readings every day, but I will not do a Session during a migraine because I will not risk giving you an inferior Session.

Regrettably, due to the Chronic Migraine Disease, I often have to postpone Sessions; sometimes they have to be postponed more than once.  A Session might not happen until weeks, or even months, after it was originally scheduled.  This is why I keep my prices discounted.  I feel that's fair. 

By making an appointment, you agree to these conditions. 

I appreciate that you know that a migraine is not just a "headache" - It affects the entire body & the "electrical system", so obviously affects the quality of the Reading and the ability of the Reader (or makes me temporarily not able to read at all).

I take this ability and responsibility very, very seriously, and have never cancelled anyone except out of absolute necessity.
I am sorry that the effects of the disease affect more than just me.  

They are impossible to predict, and impossible (so far) to cure.  I do the best I can, and even then I spend a lot of time & energy trying to make the impossible possible.

I absolutely will not give you a compromised Reading, or risk giving you incomplete information that could be worse than no information.

As a Metaphysician, I am careful not to 'own' a disease nor put energy toward perpetuating one, but my personal ethic is that it only fair to disclose the situation I temporarily find myself in.

If you'd like to know more about Chronic Migraine Disease, please see The American Migraine Foundation page, my Newsletter & Blog page, or ask Google.

Special - lower than my 1996 prices!!!

Hour Phone $99.99  --  Half Hour Phone $75.99

People who have had both phone and in-person Readings usually say the phone reading is "deeper", with "more information".
The Session is discounted due to the possibility of having to postpone it due to Chronic Migraine Disease.  The price is discounted, but not the quality.  
All Readings by Appointment.  Payments in US Dollars or through PayPal, to be received prior to Session.

Do you want your session taped?   

Nominal additional fee of $12.50  - please remind me at the start of your reading
      Due to the nature of Energy in Readings, recordings may not always be clear nor audible (may appear blank). 

E-Mail Questions? 

        $20.00 per Question   Payments in US Dollars or through PayPal, to be received prior to session

        Send question(s) to Kim@WhispersInTheWinds.com

People have been happily surprised with email readings;  everyone who has written back has said they are not only happy & satisfied with, but stunned by, the amount of information & detail in the email Channellings, but also the accuracy.

Or call:  
     925 . 371 . 0253 
        1-888-PSYKIK-Kim  1-888-797-5455 

Out of courtesy to clients & Spirit, I do not interrupt Readings.  Because I don’t answer phones while doing a reading, I most likely cannot answer your call, so making an appointment on-line is often the fastest, most efficient way.  If you don’t fancy that, just leave me a message  and I will get back to you. 
Thank you for understanding ~ Bless ~

 In Person Sessions $222.00 (done by request only, so please call or email me)

 How can a psychic read me over the phone?
All living things are of Energy & thus always connected through a Universal consciousness, a cosmic energy that ties everything and everyone together. Using Higher Self, we connect to this energy, & a psychic can touch and connect with you as if you were in the same room. In fact, it is often easier for a psychic to connect with you over the phone because they are not distracted or prejudiced by your physical appearance or surroundings. The psychic needs to see your soul not your facial expression, body language or the jewelry and clothes you wear. 

Thank you for your time and trust - they are very valuable to me.   Bless~ 


For legal purposes, services and site are for entertainment only. Services are available only to adults age 18 and over. Payment must be received before service is delivered. Every effort is made to provide the clearest and most helpful information but accuracy cannot be guaranteed, nor is any guarantee of results or particular outcome implied.  The content of a reading varies by nature of question(s), topic(s), 
requester, and particular situation, and energies. Kim and Kim Kristiansson's Whispers in the Winds take no responsibility for guidance (implied, assumed, or otherwise); how you apply the information provided is solely determined by you, and you are solely responsible for any risks and results of doing so. By requesting a reading (including free readings), you agree to indemnify Kim and her business Kim Kristiansson's Whispers in the Winds from all legal claims (libel, defamation, breach of privacy, intellectual property, or otherwise) and from any and all liabilities and expenses, including any and all legal expenses. Mediumship and Psychic work is experimental in nature and the information imparted during a session is open to interpretation.  Clients are advised that they have free will at all times to make their own choices and  Kim Kristiansson nor Kim Kristiansson's Whispers in the Winds shall not be held responsible for the actions they may or may not take as a result of their session.
Posted: We have the right to refuse or terminate service at any time to anyone at our, or The Guides', discretion. By booking a reading, you agree to these terms.

Services are not intended as medical, legal, or other advice nor a replacement for professional treatment or consultation. 

We do not diagnose nor prescribe. 

* * * If you are experiencing physical or psychological problems, consult a medical professional. * * *