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Special - lower than my 1996 prices!!!
* 53% off regular price *

One Hour Phone Reading  $79.99   (US Dollars)

 Half Hour Phone Reading $59.99   (US Dollars)

 * For a limited time only

Regularly $175 per hour for phone readings   (minimum time 15 minutes)  (US Dollars)
First time phone readings $60 for 30 minutes  (US Dollars)
when full-pricing is in effect.

This does  
not  apply to In-Person Readings}


The price is discounted, but not the experience
Payments in US Dollars or through PayPal, to be recieved prior to session.
The price is discounted due to Chronic Migraine Disease:
Because of the migraines, I may have to postpone a scheduled appointment.  Knowing this in advance, I severely discount the price.
It's only fair to you.
I LOVE to do Readings and see where you & your Guides take us!  I would prefer to do many readings every day, but
I will not do a Session during a migraine because I will not risk giving you an inferior Session.  
GREAT NEWS!  It looks like I've found my personal Holy Grail answer for the migraines - I am not having them anymore.
Hopefully this three week migraine-freedom will continue now. 
I am Histamine Intolerant & need DAO supplements.  Miraculous changes!

 I appreciate that you know that a migraine is not just the "headache" ` it affects the entire body & the "electrical system", so obviously affects the quality of the Reading (or makes me not able to read at all).  
I absolutely will not give you an inferior Re
ading, or risk giving you  incomplete information that could be worse than no information.  
If you'd like to know more about Chronic Migraine Disease, please see my Newsletter & Blog page.


These special readings will be by phone only and will not be recorded.
Special arrangements can be made for recorded and/or in-person readings.

$150.00 In-Person, some Saturdays and Sundays, are taped

Most of the readings are over the phone, and people who have had both usually say the phone reading is "deeper" & "more information". 

They have been quite surprised to find the same about email readings; everyone has written back to say they are not only happy & satisfied with, but stunned by, the amount of information & detail in the email Channellings, but also the accuracy.




All rea
dings by Appointment

            Hour Phone $79.99  --  Half Hour Phone $59.99  --  In Person $150.00 
                  Payments in US Dollars or through PayPal, to be recieved prior to session.

          Go to 
www.PayPal.com and send the appropriate payment to russ_from_the_train@hotmail.com  (all "underscores", no "hyphens")  - 
 for Kim Kristiansson (this is my brother's account, while I deal with               my own account's "issues").
            Or send a check to Kim Kristiansson, P.O. Box 258, Livermore, CA 94551-0258 

            Thank you ~  Now you also need to schedule your session by clicking here:  

 Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket    The scheduler & PayPal do not "talk to each other".

This is a 2-step process:
                                               1.   AppointmentQuest.com scheduling (make sure you click "Confirm")

                                               2.  Payment at 
www.PayPal.com to russ_from_the_train@hotmail.com  (all "underscores", no "hyphens") -  (this is my brother's account,
while I deal with my own account's "issues").
                                                    or check / Money Order made out to Kim Kristiansson, P.O. Box 258, Livermore, CA 94551-0258
                                                or call  1-888-PSYKIK-Kim - 925. 371. 0253 or email Kim@WhispersInTheWinds.com

     Time Zone timing:  http://everytimezone.com/
     Time Zone conversion:   ** Time Difference Calculator ** :  http://www.timeanddate.com/worldclock/converter.html 

                             Becuase of the Special, I may be booked a couple of weeks out, but the scheduler is working.

    Do you want your session taped?

         Nominal fee of $10.50 - please remind me at the start of your reading   Payments in US Dollars or through PayPal, to be recieved prior to session.

Payment at www.PayPal.com to russ_from_the_train@hotmail.com  (all "underscores", no "hyphens") - (this is my brother's account, while I deal with my own account's "issues").
                      or check / Money Order made out to Kim Kristiansson, P.O. Box 258, Livermore, CA 94551-0258

       E-Mail Questions? 

            $15.00 per Question   Payments in US Dollars or through PayPal, to be recieved prior to session.

      Payment at www.PayPal.com to russ_from_the_train@hotmail.com - (all "underscores", no "hyphens") - (this is my brother's account, while I deal with my own account's "issues").
           or check / Money Order made out to Kim Kristiansson, P.O. Box 258, Livermore, CA 94551-0258

         Send question(s) to Kim@WhispersInTheWinds.com    

Available for Classes, Lectures, Salons (Medium Circles), Ghost tours, Haunted Buildings, Mini-Readings at Teas, Parties & Gatherings, Interviews.   
See my Events Page for more information

Classes are back! 

Monthly classes in Livermore ~
 Coming soon to Walnut Creek,  Novato, Pacifica area, San Jose & Oakdale.
More details:  www.Meetup.com/WhispersInTheWinds or on my  Events Page 

Please let me take a moment of your time to give you some of my perceptions & observations about 

How to get the most from a psychic and/or medium's Session.    

I hope it helps you ~

Just recently, I have experienced some people who want me to do Readings for them while they are driving. I don't think-feel this is the best situation for a Reading, and definitely feel the "Readee"would not get full value out of our session.
Here's why:
Just as with any meeting of value or importance, the more attention you invest, the more benefit & fulfillment you take away. It's true of anything, really: dating, dining, heart-to-heart conversations, reading, writing, and definitely true of sex and love.
It follows that you'd want to respect yourSelf enough to be fully involved with your life's Moments.
When you're distracted, you miss being in The Now, and miss the details, which are the things of miracles and joy in Everyday Life. 
When distracted, your experiences are diluted, and even possibly "polluted". You deserve a rich life! And, you deserve to have people give you their full attention ~ starting with doing that for yourSelf. (It sets a good precedence for how others' treat you, too!)
Also, when I read, I partially read "through" you - so everything you are involved with, thinking about, distracted by, startled by, et cetera will, to some extent, "show up" in what I Read.
It's been my experience that I'll pick up on the information & energy of people around you; while it's absolutely "do-able" to filter that out, it presents an extra challenge (diminishing the content of the Reading) when many, many motorists are 'zipping by' - they show up on the 'psychic radar', too - and more time, attention, and Energy has to be expended by the Reader to filter them out.
The more a Reader receives information that is most pertinent to you, the more useful & valuable the information is to you, and the more you can use it effectively in your life ~ and isn't that really the objective of a Reading ~ to be of benefit to you, and your Life Path?
The more relaxed and focused, the "deeper" the reading (I, myself, don't do any running around, exercising, or left-brain things for at least a half hour before Reading for you).
I've been doing Readings (Consciously) since 1970, and it is only very recently that people have wanted me to Read for them while they are driving ~ but it's also been quite a number of people who have in this short amount of time. I'm sure this is because we are being carried along in the current of our "fast-paced life", and the celebration of those who are accomplished in the "art of multi-tasking". I understand the temptation; I understand the feeling of a "needing" to use Time this way ~ but I also, very much, want you to have the very Best in Life that you can.
In the meantime, please walk in Light & Love, and Notice ~
You're Surrounded with Miracles!

I have been doing Readings and channelling others my entire life, but in no way would ever tell someone "what to do". Readings have been described to me by Spirit as a type of "road map" in Life - a tool to help youdiscover the limitless options available to you in Life, and to help you determine which Path is right for you. 

   For example, if we are planning to go from the San Francisco Bay Area to Disneyland, and when we check the map, discover we are going North on I-5, there are many, many options open to us: 
   * we can turn around & go South on I-5 
   * we can turn around & go South on Hwy 99 
   * we can turn around & go South on 101 
   * we can turn around & go South on Hwy 1 -"the scenic route" 
   * we can decide not to turn around & go to an airport - and then decide to take a jet to Disneyland-area. . . .or Europe, instead! 
   * we can decide not to turn around & go someplace else 
         - say, Mt. Shasta, Oregon, or Washington - and then either go to Disneyland
. . . . .or not

         . . . you get the idea!  Your possibilities are limitless! (continued below)

   As a Reader, I am here to help you uncover things that may not have been so evident to you, and to help you know which is resonating most with you.  Oftentimes, discovering what resonates most for you helps you clearly define your dreams and helps you to remember your Path.  Unclouding and deciphering the layers of life-experiences which have lain on top of your dreams gives you clarity and, most of all, energy to pursue them! Clarity gives us the energy to demand our dreams and co-create them with less conflicting thoughts & thought-patterns.  Unclouding and deciphering the layers of life-experiences also "de-clutters" our Life, so we are free to live more Authentically!  Free to live as Spirit temporarily wearing a body - the way we are meant to experience Life! 

   As a direct-voice Medium, I am a 'relay' or a sort of 'telephone speaker and wire' that connects you with others (loved ones, Guides & Spirit) on "the Other Side".  I find my role as a Medium often helps you validate your own communication with those on "the Other Side", so you can continue to build & trust your own experiences.  In most sessions, I receive the feedback that I help validate others' own psychic, mediumistic & Spiritual abilities, which gives me great joy! 

I believe - truly 'Know' - each of us has these abilities, and part of my mission is to help people hone their skills and be able to trust in their abilities.  I am not a big believer in rules, but the one inviolatable rule I strongly urge on everyone is:  Always, always trust your own intuition!  Always trust your own intution over advice or readings, at all times in your life, but especially if you sense danger.  Don't wait around to ask details or see 'if it makes sense'.  Honor YourSelf! 

   As a Reader and Medium, I am honoured that you invite me to Read for you.  I am extremely grateful for the opportunity and for the trust.  Because I am dedicated to giving you the most accurate reading, I do my very best to not "translate" the information I receive, but pass it, clearly & completely, on to you.  Everybody has 'filters' and ideas what symbols or words mean to them; in a Reading, it doesn't matter what they mean to me - only what they mean to you.  It doesn't matter if information doesn't make sense to me - as long as it makes sense to you.  You have my commitment to that, as well as my gratitude. 

Testimonials & Comments

"Kim gives you insights to your past, present, and future with clarity, compassion, and humor. She has always kept the ability to communicate with the Other Side, so has always been a natural Spirit Medium for those who have crossed over to the Other Side. " - J.P. - Taos, NM 1996 

"I studied under Kim for a couple of years, and then interned with James van Praagh for a session.  James didn't do anything that Kim doesn't do; he didn't teach us any thing or any technique Kim hadn't already taught me.  The only real difference is Kim didn't want to be on TV!" - K.R., San Lorenzo, CA

"While having a reading focused on completely different things, Kimberly told me my body didn't like green peas.  My allergist had never had anyone sensitive to them, but sure enough!  I am!  He never would have tested me for them if she hadn't seen it in my reading!  I feel so much better now!  Finally!" - S.S., CA 

"Kim is a gifted spiritual intuitive clairvoyant, medium and teacher!" - B.R. Reno, NV 1995

I received the tape yesterday and I am so grateful and I love your readings! I look forward to more readings in the future. As my life transforms I will always remember that your readings were part of my life as it guided me to success through the information and your insight. Sincerely, your friend L.E. June 2009

I was thinking about you this morning, thinking how lucky I am to have someone with your insight to help walk along the road less traveled. -G. Oct. 2008

Goddess Kim,
You have so much great wisdom to share with the world as a Teacher & Healer. I have been so blessed to have you as my Spiritual Teacher. -S. April 2008

"I watch Lisa Williams all the time, and Kim's readings are as good as hers, as detailed as hers!" - K.W., Livermore, CA

I already know many people who will want you to read.....you do not know how right on you were with me....not all the funding came but some is on it's way....I have told everyone I know about you and I can not wait until you are here in Sonoma...D. April 2008

I just had to tell you that you are unbelievable!

The faith and the trust in the process of life that you instill in me every time we talk is simply, yet profoundly changing my life.


Hi Kim,I am looking forward to hearing the tape. There is so much you said that I want, and need, to hear again. You have an incredible gift that I expect leaves many of your clients walking on air after readings! - T. May 2009

oh my, so great to spend time with you. your stories always inspire me and stay with me for some time afterwards. i appreciate you and your wise-sparkly-self so much! - V. Dec. 2008

Kim is clairvoyant and clairaudient. She makes her home in Northern California and does reading via phone and in person. This is her primary business. Being dedicated to helping others, she also hosts a monthly group that focuses on enhancing individual phsychic abilities. She has a wonderful balance of empathy, compassion and strength. What I love most about her is that she see people as their "possibility" not their limitations. It would be wonderful and generous of you if you directed folks to her that also needed to realize how much power and choice they had in their lives; Kim would be of great help to them. D. May 2009  


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Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket
925 . 371 . 0253 
1-888-PSYKIK-Kim  1-888-797-5455
10 a.m. - 9 p.m. California time 

Due to the nature of Energy in Readings, 
recordings may not always be clear nor audible (may appear blank).  

I have had personal experiences where another person was reading for me, and both her & my recording of it went hiss-y (and other electronic weirdness, including parts being blank), even though they were done on two machines, with tapes from 2 different lots.  I have also had voices show up which were not audible live nor was anyone in a body around at the time.  I've had my voice distorted beyond recognition, though the tape was not dragging.  Written reports are full of electrical and magnetic anomolies; since the dawn of recording, it's been evident that magnetic recording wasn't reliable when doing energy work.

 How can a psychic read me over the phone?

All living things are of Energy & thus always connected through a Universal consciousness, a cosmic energy that ties everything and everyone together. Using Higher Self, we connect to this energy, & a psychic can touch and connect with you as if you were in the same room. In fact, it is often easier for a psychic to connect with you over the phone because they are not distracted or prejudiced by your physical appearance or surroundings. The psychic needs to see your soul not your facial expression, body language or the jewelry and clothes you wear.  

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